Lambda Legal Union Statement on Resignation of CEO Rachel B. Tiven

(August 3, 2018; New York, NY) Earlier today, Rachel B. Tiven announced that she will be stepping down as CEO of Lambda Legal. In response, Lambda Unites, the organizing committee of Lambda Legal’s employee union, issued the following statement:

The staff at Lambda Legal have worked tirelessly for over 45 years for the communities we serve. Every attorney, every administrator, every accountant, every director, every legal assistant, every communications staffer, every fundraiser, every community educator – and all who are listed here and all who are not – are proud of the work we have done to make Lambda Legal the institution that it is today.

Many of our achievements were considered impossible at the time that Lambda Legal took them on, and it is a fact that they would not have been possible without Lambda Legal’s dedicated and brilliant staff – past and present. It was the staff who pushed for positive change in society during the early years of the AIDS epidemic, when the survival of our very communities seemed in doubt. It was the staff who worked night and day on Lawrence v. Texas, our groundbreaking Supreme Court victory that saw sodomy laws overturned nationwide. It was the staff who led the fight for marriage equality. It was the staff who fought (and continue to fight) for the rights of transgender people in prisons, schools, health care settings, and in our nation’s military.

And it was the staff who voted to unionize here at Lambda Legal. When our health care and retirement benefits were cut; when long-serving, talented members of the organization were forced to leave, either directly or by the many changes that have occurred over the past two years; and when internal inequitable, top-down power structures meant that organizational changes were made in unilateral fashion, without soliciting staff feedback, and while keeping staff in the dark – we rose up. We recognized our worth, and we came together – because we believed (and we still believe) in what Lambda Legal stands for. And we and others on staff continued to fight back against toxic leadership in our organization even after then.

We see this new opportunity for a change in leadership as a fresh start, and a way for Lambda Legal to prove its commitment to the staff that has worked so hard to make this institution what it is. We have been in the process of working on a union contract for five months now, and Lambda Legal management’s actions have frequently indicated to us that they have not been as invested in quickly coming to an agreement as we are. However, we have hope that this process can and will be better going forward. We are firmly committed to developing a contract that allows Lambda Legal’s devoted staff the opportunity to focus on our work without fear of financial insecurity, job insecurity, and insufficient health care coverage (including our current lack of necessary coverage for all transition-related care for transgender staff).

We are our community, and we are who we fight – who we sue, who we advocate, who we educate – for. We are queer people who need a safe work environment. We are trans people, disabled people, people living with HIV, partners, and parents who need access to equitable health care.

We will not accept anything less.


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Lambda Legal Union: Our Employer Publicly Supports Unions but Refused to Voluntarily Recognize Ours

“It is our hope that, going forward, our leadership’s support for unions extends to us…”

(January 19, 2018, New York, NY) Today, Lambda Legal filed a friend-of-the-court brief in Janus v. AFSCME, a case pending at the United States Supreme Court. The brief is in support of unions that represent public sector employees. In the crosshairs of this lawsuit are “fair-share fees” – cost-sharing arrangements paid by all public employees who benefit when unions negotiate the best contract possible for everyone. In response, Lambda Unites, the organizing committee of Lambda Legal’s employee union, issued the following statement:

“We are proud to stand behind this brief and the hard work that our talented legal team put in to make it possible because supporting unions is consistent with our values as an organization. That said, we feel we must also note that our CEO, Lambda Legal’s leader, failed to mirror these same values in recent months.

“Unions have been invaluable for many LGBTQ and HIV+ workers – especially in states without explicit statutory protections or federal court rulings – through collective-bargaining agreements that ensure LGBTQ and HIV+ employees are treated equally and provided reprieve when they aren’t and the law falls short. And historically, Lambda Legal has been supportive of unions and the rights of workers to organize and have a collective voice in determining the terms of their employment.

“For example, in 2007, Lambda Legal authored and joined a friend-of-the-court brief in support of a case on behalf of LGBTQ workers in Michigan when the Governor claimed that union contracts – which provided health benefits for same-sex domestic partners – were a violation of Michigan’s constitutional amendment that said marriage was “between a man and a woman.” Additionally, Lambda Legal’s Know Your Rights: Workplace web resource details the many benefits of employee unions for LGBTQ and HIV+ workers.

“As an organization, Lambda Legal has many times taken a stand for the rights of workers to organize and fight for the dignity, fair treatment, pay and benefits they and their families deserve. We, as employees, are proud to work for an organization that, in just the past year, has won federal protections for workers in Indiana in our Hively v. Ivy Tech case, brought Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital to the front door of the United States Supreme Court, argued in federal court on behalf of LGB employees in Zarda v. Altitude Express and launched the Out At Work campaign. But we are also disappointed to work for an organization where, in our experience, the CEO has not practiced what it  preaches.

“Lambda Legal is an ally to and advocate of unions. However, there is a serious disconnect when our CEO refuses to honor the rights of employees by voluntarily recognizing our staff union after a supermajority signed and mailed pledge cards in support of organizing, which instead forced a mail-in vote over the 2017 holiday season.

“But, as we tend to do, and as Lambda Legal employees: we persisted, and we won. We voted by an overwhelming majority to form a union. We did this because changes to our health care and benefits were made for us, unilaterally and without consultation;  changes that hurt us and disproportionately affected staff who are paid less, staff with children and families – in particular single parents, staff living with disabilities, staff living with HIV and those of us who are transgender. We organized because this is not what Lambda Legal does – or should – stand for. We are activists, and we know that as a collective our voices will be heard. Lambda Legal would not be what it is today if we did not rise up together for those most vulnerable among us.

“It is our hope that, going forward, our leadership’s support for unions extends to us and our CEO and her legal representatives engage in good faith during this process. It would be hypocritical to have one position externally and another internally.

“We look forward to negotiating for the needs of all of our staff as we move forward, because together we can build a Lambda Legal that is truly equitable for every employee, in every state, in every situation and with every background, identity and need.”


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Lambda Legal Employees Win Union Election

“We did it—now let’s move forward together.”

(December 29, 2017, Washington, D.C.) Today, employees at Lambda Legal voted 42-8 in favor of forming a union at the nation’s oldest and largest legal organization working for the civil rights of LGBTQ people and everyone living with HIV. Eligible staff in all six regional offices, including lawyers, fundraisers, communication and administrative and support staff will be members of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild. Alexis Paige, a legal assistant in the Midwest Regional Office of Lambda Legal and one of the leaders in the organizing effort, issued the following statement on behalf of the staff:

“Lambda Legal’s staff are some of the most hardworking, talented and dedicated individuals I know, and today I am proud that we came together across departments and regions, and stood up for ourselves and one another. Today’s election is the direct result of hard work and unwavering commitment to each other and Lambda Legal. Because of that hard work and commitment, we will have a seat at the table when the decisions that directly affect our lives are being made. We call on Lambda Legal leadership to join us at the table in good faith to negotiate a mutually agreeable contract that aligns with Lambda Legal’s ideals and moves the organization forward.

“The goals of our leadership and the well-being of employees are not mutually exclusive. Forming a union is consistent with Lambda Legal’s values of equality and inclusion. We fight in the courts and on the ground for LGBTQ people and everyone living with HIV because we fundamentally believe that when our communities have a voice, our society will be a better place for all of us. Forming a union is a big step toward giving our employees a voice so Lambda Legal can be a better place.

“In the coming weeks, we will work with one another and with the Washington-Baltimore News Guild to agree on our priorities and negotiate a contract for our unit. We are looking forward to building a strong union that is inclusive and truly representative of our staff and our interests, and to a productive and respectful relationship with our leadership.”  

“We did it—now let’s move forward together.”


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Lambda Legal Employees Organize to Form Union

(New York, New York, December 5, 2017) Staff members of Lambda Legal, the nation’s oldest and largest legal organization working for the civil rights of LGBTQ people and everyone living with HIV, announced today that they plan to unionize with the Washington-Baltimore News Guild and issued the following statement:

“As employees, we are dedicated to improving the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people and everyone living with HIV; we each also hold a very personal stake in the organization’s success. Lambda Legal has been a leader in the movement for LGBTQ people and people living with HIV since 1973, improving the lives of the communities we serve through persistent, strategic and ambitious legal advocacy, policy work and community education of the highest quality. As proud members of the Lambda Legal family, we see no better way to ensure the consistent quality of our work at the high level that today’s national landscape demands than to form a union. Unionizing helps us ensure a more equitable and transparent workplace for all Lambda Legal employees so that we can continue to advance our important mission.

“Our number one priority is, has always been and will continue to be the improvement of the lives of LGBTQ people and everyone living with HIV. We are the lawyers, fundraisers, communication and administrative and support staff that made the success of the past 40+ years possible. We want a collective voice and a seat at the table as the organization evolves and plans its response to an increasingly hostile federal administration and ever-changing legal landscape for LGBTQ people and everyone living with HIV.”

Employees will vote by mail-in ballot in a representational election in the coming weeks.


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